Honoring Native American Heritage Month


Hannon Library honors Native American Heritage Month with several displays exploring the histories and traditions of Native American cultures.

A display of literature about Native American heritage and narratives can be found on the first floor of the Multicultural Display section of Hannon Library. A trail of corn kernels weaves its way around literature about Native American narratives, providing personal accounts of stories and events. The display encourages education about the perspectives and stories of Native Americans through an inviting presentation.

NativeAmer2Native American art can be viewed on the second floor at the Special Collections Reading Room. Information is provided about Native American art through pictures and drawings of traditional patterns and symbolisms. The display provides a depiction of basket making, music, and other life styles to the public.

Also available to view in Special Collections is a history on Native Americans, displaying numerous books and other literature about Indian legends.NativeAmer3

By Donica Burdette

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