On April 5th at noon in the rotunda, the library will host a rendition of classical French songs played on Renaissance recorders. The musical group, Ensemble Fontegara, will play several French Renaissance dance movements as well as parts from Mellange de Chanson, a 1572-piece by LeRoy and Ballard.

New FONTEGARA Rotunda performance copy 2

Ensemble Fontegara is directed by Pat O’Scannell and includes the following performers: Stephen Bacon (bass), Karen Basin (alto), Luna Bitzer (alto/soprano), Tessa Brinkman (tenor), Pat O’Scannell (soprano/alto), and Kevin Woven (tenor).

This hour-long performance is part of Hannon’s Music in the Library series. It is free and open to the public. For more information, contact Dale Vidmar at vidmar@sou.edu.

It’s that time again… Quiet Week at SOU, or, as the less politically correct students refer to it, dead week. This week has gained its nickname from the feeling students get after staying up all night writing essays, working on final projects, studying for tests… all on top of whatever other responsibilities they have.

SOU’s Hannon Library gives stuEPIC logo - Copydents a helping every Quiet and Finals week. For the next two weeks, the library will stay open late in order to give students a place to study, use computers, and grind out their final projects. (see below for building hours)

And what’s a late-night study sesh without snacks? Thursday through Saturday of Quiet Week, 7-10 PM, students can enjoy food and iced tea, courtesy of SOU’s Event Planning Involvement Committee (EPIC). Come Finals Week, the library will stay open 24-hours for students including free coffee and snacks, provided by the Friend of Hannon Library, set out at midnight.



Hannon’s Music in the Library series presents


Ensemble Fontegara: Renaissance Recorders

Friday, March 4
12:30 – 1:30 PM
Library Rotunda

a program of Renaissance dance music directed by Pat O’Scannell, featuring Stephen Bacon, Karen Basin and Kevin Woven. This performance is free and open to the public. Sponsored by Hannon Library and MUSICA MATRIX—bringing Early Music to the People.

With the memories of Hannon Library when it was freshly built in her head, SOU graduate Erin Ferrarelli returned to the place where she spent countless study hours, as our newest Special Collections intern.     

For Erin, it’s an interesting experience to work at the place where she spent so much time as a student and patron. She tells us, “It’s kind of cool to be behind the scenes at the library I used to study at.”        


Erin Ferrarelli, Special Collections Intern

Erin started interning with Hannon Library this year, after searching through a few local internships and finding none that met her grad school requirements. That’s when she found Hannon Library, which was a refreshing experience for her. She says, “I love it, everybody’s been super nice. I’ve had questions, but they’ve answered all of them, and everybody has been really accommodating. I’ve really enjoyed it.”

Erin is going to San Jose State University to get a master’s degree in archival records, a degree that prepares students to be archivists and certified records managers, among other things. For Erin, working as an intern in Hannon Library has shown her that she’s following the right career path.

“I’m actually gaining confidence that I’m kind of in the right field, because I enjoy sitting here creating finding aids and enjoy doing high-maintenance and detail-orientated work.”

We here at Hannon Library are proud to help Erin reach the next step in her journey.

Written by Alex Mesadieu

Come and vote in the SOU Super Tuesday primary at Hannon Library! This Super Tuesday game will go on for the entire month of March. At the end of month we’ll tally the votes and announce the results. Visit the election display located on the first floor of the library, in front of the Reference Desk. 

It’s a great way to get yourself ready for the November 2016 election—not to mention, it’s also fun! 

And while you’re there, don’t forget to check out the display honoring Women’s History Month. 

The SOU Super Tuesday is solely an academic activity to promote civic awareness. Southern Oregon University and Hannon Library do not endorse any particular candidate, political party, or ideological perspective, nor do we seek to influence actual election outcomes. We encourage civil discourse and ask participants to be respectful of all viewpoints.