window sign that says Sorry We're Closed

Monday, September 9: closed for Labor Day. The building and all library services will be completely closed.

Wednesday, September 20: library services closed. The building will be open for study hall, but library services will be unavailable. The Center for Instructional Support will be open.

Please plan your library visits accordingly, and remember that you can check building hours at anytime on our website: Library Hours

coloring page with catchphrase Words Have Power

August 2 is National Coloring Book Day! Celebrate by breaking out those crayons and color pencils, pens and paints. Make this day a colorful one!

Don’t have any coloring books? No problem. Here’s a free coloring page from the American Library Association: print-friendly coloring page

coloring page with catchphrase Words Have Power

Free coloring page courtesy of the Office for Intellectual Freedom / American Library Association