New Photography Exhibit

Hannon Library is delighted to host this new collection of photography by student artist, Donica Burdette. This exhibit is on display in the library’s Retzlaff Gallery, located on the third floor, through March 2016.


I enjoy taking photos in my free time, usually in places where I am centered and calm. Photography has always been a creative outlet that I can partake in without the pressures of painting on a canvas. I’m directly capturing something that already beautifully exists in its essence. The photos design themselves since compositions, colors, shadows, and lines are already present in our world, it’s just my personal enjoyment to capture them.


I am a senior and art major here at SOU and have chosen painting and drawing as my core focus of study. With these mediums, I enjoy making organically inspired, imagined forms. Photography acts as a separate outlet to channel my creativity, where I can utilize my artistic skills and balance my visual processes.


I’ve never displayed my photography publicly and was excited and nervous to put together an exhibit for the Retzlaff Gallery in Hannon Library. Printing, matting, and hanging the images were new yet educating processes that I hope to do again.

~ By Donica Burdette

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