Explore Hannon Library’s Research Services

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Is your time conducting research mostly spent by combing through page after page of Google search results only to come up with information that you’re not sure is credible? Maybe you struggle to narrow your search query to yield relevant results when using one of the databases available through Hannon Library. Perhaps research isn’t an issue for you, but writing a citation sometimes trips you up. 

Hannon Library’s Research Services may be a resource that you’ve left untapped during your university experience so far, but you don’t have to struggle through common research questions alone. Qualified librarians are here to assist you in a supportive learning environment, no matter your level of experience with navigating library resources. Hannon Library’s librarians can support your research in all curriculum areas, and they are available to help with everything from a simple citation question to in-depth research. 

Research Services: Visit the Research Help Desk Virtually, Chat with a Librarian, or Make an Appointment With Your Subject Librarian

There are many different ways for you to get assistance with a research assignment at Hannon Library. 

  • During our regular Research Help desk hours, you can now talk with a librarian face-to-face, virtually over Zoom. To visit our Research Help Desk over Zoom, you’ll need to make an appointment. Make an appointment with a librarian through LibCal
  • You can also ask a librarian questions over chat during chat research hours, and you can submit a question through Ask a Librarian anytime of the day. Some students, staff, and faculty find submitting a question through chat or Ask a Librarian to be most convenient. 
  • To receive help with your research tailored to your area of study, you may find it helpful to make an appointment with your subject librarian. Each of Hannon Library’s librarians has subject specialties in which they are uniquely qualified to assist students, staff, and faculty. You are always welcome to email your subject librarian at any time with questions or to set up an appointment. You can find a list of librarians and their subject specialties here. 

Whether you’re finding citing a particular source difficult or needing research assistance specific to a certain subject, Hannon Library’s Research Services can help. For more information, visit our Research Services LibGuide.