Shining a Light on Underrepresented Voices this Women’s History Month

The Hannon Library is celebrating and honoring six women from historically marginalized and underrepresented groups this Women’s History Month. These women have shaped the history books in myriad of ways––even if said books haven’t give them their due credit.

A display in the library is featured until the end of the month, highlighting Ida B. Wells, Patsy Mink, Dolores Huerta, Billie Jean King, Agnes Baker Pilgrim, and Henrietta Lacks. While each has her own story to tell, these women have all fought for the rights and liberation of women. By highlighting BIPOC and LGBT+ women this March, the library hopes to bring attention and awareness to the issues that have historically––and are still currently––affecting marginalized women.

Resources and information about these women have been curated and are featured in our Women’s History Month display, which is located in the library, across from the tutoring center. Books and other materials are available for checkout for those interested in learning more about these visionary, incredible women. A virtual exhibit, created by Student Special Collections Outreach Assistant Julia Saunders, is also available for viewing here.