New Class: LIS 370 Jane Austen in the 21st Century

Have you watched Bridgerton? Seen one of many films based on Jane Austen’s books or purchased Austen-inspired merch? Are you Jane-curious, or is Austen actually the writer you love to hate for reasons you can’t quite explain? Learn where Jane-mania all began, acquire strategies for researching humanities topics, investigate literary style, gender norms, colonialism, and marriage in the 19th century, and explore a whole new world of media by, about, based on, or rebooting one of the best-known writers in English. (Prerequisites: WR 121, 122, & 123 or equivalent or instructor approval)


Approved for Gen Ed Inquiry & Analysis or University Studies Strand I


All course materials are provided


Spring | CRN 6395 | M/W 3:30-5:20