Are finals taking their toll on you? Late night studying making you hungry? Then you’re in for a treat because the Event Planning Involvement Committee (EPIC) are bringing back the Epic Nights @ the Library:

8-11 PM
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights of Quiet Week

Get some food for thought, and good luck with finals!

EPIC 11.15

Thnxgiving1The display All About Turkeys, located on the first floor in the Learning Commons, provides facts about the history of the turkey and how this now iconic bird has been integrated as a national symbol of Thanksgiving. This display also includes information about the annual presidential pardoning of the turkey, and visual guides of turkey distribution across the Unites States.

Thnxgiving2Located next to All about Turkeys, the display Thanksgiving Declared a Holiday attracts students and viewers alike with historical information of how Thanksgiving became what it is today. The processes and developments of how the Thanksgiving Proclamation of 1789 was created are available to view.

Thnxgiving3Have A Happy Thanksgiving, located on the third floor in Taylor Mezzanine, displays an artistic array of autumn flowers and leaves, capturing the essence of November in a developed and informative way. Books about Thanksgiving are displayed and provide information about the harvest feast for viewers.

By Donica Burdette

DrumsThis display on National Drum Month recognizes percussionists’ unique sounds, which have provided rhythm and beats throughout music history. A collision of styles is found in this display, located on the third floor in the Taylor Mezzanine, exhibiting everything from jazz drumming, to the history of drumming. The display case is rhythmic and colorful, containing CD’s, books, and ­­­doumbek drum modeled after the drum styles used in 1100 BCE Babylonia and Sumer. Saxophone

Saxophone fans will appreciate the National Saxophone Month display case located in the
Bailey Collection on the second floor. Filled with books and CD’s about saxophones, this display case gives examples on works that can be easily accessed through the library’s music collections.

By Donica Burdette


November 18 is the day to show librarians your appreciation. How many librarians can you high-five in a day?


Hannon Library’s DVD collection reaches 5,000 items.


Gifts from Dale Luciano (SOU Emeritus, Theater) account for over half of Hannon Library’s extensive film collection. For many years, at regular intervals, Dale has delivered batches of 100 DVDs for donation. Every year, he also he purchases Academy Award-winning films that Hannon Library requests. Our collection of feature films contains great depth and breadth in genre and time period, from film classics to horror, westerns, independent media, and more.

Check out our DVD collection, located on the 2nd floor. You can also search for DVDs on the library’s online catalog.

DVD sign