Sometimes it’s hard to believe that the cornerstone of Ashland, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF), has been around for 80 years. For a younger person like myself, it’s a little strange to imagine that OSF has been enjoyed since before the Cold War. Since the ’30s OSF has played a crucial role in the cultural development of the hippie hub of Ashland, Oregon.

Longtime OSF artistic director, Bill Rauch, is coming to Hannon Library on March 3, 2016, to let us know what traditions are still the same, what looks different today, and what is coming up in the 2016 season.

Thursday, March 3
6:00 PM
Meese Room

For Rauch, the inspiration to create has never left him:

“We go to the theater to be changed. You can be soothed, even unconsciously, by the non-threatening illusion that everyone sitting around you watching this story is the same as you. But how about a theater where you can trust that you will often be on uncertain and unfamiliar terrain and grow through that, that you won’t be anaesthetized by a comfort of sameness but that you will enter a kind of crucible of our true sameness despite our wildly apparent differences? That’s the theater that we are building here together. That’s the vision:  It’s a theater of ACTIVE ENGAGEMENT and PARTICIPATION, not PASSIVITY. A theater of RISK not SAFETY, a theater of FEARLESSNESS, a theater of CONNECTION.”

Rauch will actively engage audiences outside of the theatre next week when he speaks at Hannon Library. He will discuss the upcoming season, changes at OSF, and his upcoming work based around the Roe Vs. Wade case.

This is a must-see event, so don’t miss out.

The talk is free and open to the public. Parking will be free. For additional information contact Hannon Library at 541-552-6816 or

~ By Alex Mesadieu

If you’re reading this, I bet that you love Hannon Library. Although anytime is that right time to love Hannon Library, right now is especially right for that. Why, you ask? Because it’s Love Your Library Month!

Love Your Library Month is an annual celebration of libraries across the country, and honestly (not that I’m biased or anything), there really is no better library to spend it at than this one.

For Love Your Library Month, most people say kind words, volunteer a couple hours, or spend a little bit of extra time kicking it at the library. You are not most people though—you’re an Ashlander, and Ashlanders have always been known for that little bit of extra flair with everything they do.

As a student who practically lives in the library, and as a library employee who does his best to help Hannon Library run smoothly, I’d like to give you 6 things you can do this month to love your library.

1. Share your art


Schneider Museum isn’t the only place on campus with art (no offense to Schneider—we love you guys!). If you’ve visited Hannon Library you probably know about the art that hangs on every floor throughout the building, but I’m guessing you may not know that nearly every piece of art comes from local talent.

Although not all pieces are accepted, anyone can submit a request to display their art in Hannon Library for free. To do this, email the library’s Art Manager at with “Art” in the subject line.

2. Volunteer for SOAR


While the name Southern Oregon Arts & Research Conference may not sound like the world’s wildest shindig, helping out with SOAR really is a great time.  Every year students present projects they’ve been working on throughout the year. Whether it’s short films or scientific research, SOAR always has something for everyone to enjoy.

Although SOAR is a campus-wide endeavor, Hannon Library serves as the SOAR headquarters. Volunteers get to work on arguably the biggest event at SOU, and their contribution is critical to pulling off a successful conference.Volunteers do everything from photography to crowd coordination, so you can find a role that suits you best.To inquire about volunteering contact

3. Musical performances

IMG_0081 - Copy

Here in Southern Oregon, we’re blessed to be in the middle of an artistic hub, and Hannon Library plays a big part of the artistic innovation of Ashland by hosting musical performances.

Although we tend to shy away from excessively boisterous music (so keep your hair metal band in your garage), we have hosted performances from harp players, a cappella groups, and pianists at Hannon Library.

If you are interested in donating your musical talents for a Music in the Library event contact Dale Vidar at

4. Become a Friend

FHL Logo Red

While Hannon Library does not have enemies, we do have a certain group of people that we call Friends. Friends of Hannon Library is a group of community members that support the library, put on lectures, and enjoy a long list of privileges (like checking out books and reserving study rooms as non SOU students!)

Unlike everything else at Hannon Library, it does cost some money to become a Friend. There are various levels of membership, each with their own set of privileges. The starting cost is just $45 a year. To inquire about becoming a Friend of Hannon Library, visit the Library Administration Office, email, or call 541-552-6816.

5. Donate a book or two  


With all the musical performances, lectures, and fine art in Hannon Library, sometimes it’s easy to forget that the primary purpose of the library is to provide students and the community with a place to find books and access materials. We accept any and all book donations, which are tax deductible. We also always accept DVDs and music CDs.

To donate materials call Library Circulation at 541-552-6860, or come in and talk to the workers at the Circulation Desk.

6. Give us your money


Although sometimes I wish that the books, internet, computers, staff, and building maintenance at Hannon Library were free, in the words of my favorite philosophers, The Wu Tang Clan, “cash rules everything around me,” and unfortunately the library is no exception to this rule.  

Without getting too deep into the political wormhole of Oregon legislature, over the last decade Oregon public universities have not been receiving the funds that they used to. Because of this, an occasional money donation goes a long way.

All money donations are tax deductible. To make a donation, contact Library Administration at or 541-552-6816 .

Well, you just read six different ways to get involved with your library. As a student employee here, I have to say, that if you’re looking for somewhere to give back, there are few environments as welcoming, friendly and homey as SOU’s Hannon Library. I hope to see you sometime this month, either playing piano at an event, showing off your latest painting,  or dropping off a book you know someone will enjoy. It’s always a great feeling to give back to places, like Hannon Library, that have given so much to students and the community.

~ By Alex Mesadieu



It’s that time of year again! Blind Date with a Book is back, giving you another change at literary love. Visit Hannon Library today and choose a book from the display. Will it be love? A fleeting passion? There’s only one way to know. Blind Date books are donated by library staff and are free for you to keep. Hurry, though, before they’re all gone.


Want to get a jumpstart on that final assignment or project? Join us for the Winter 2016 Long Night Against Procrastination:

Wednesday, February 10
8 PM – Midnight
1st Floor of Hannon Library

Get late-night research help, citation assistance, and tutoring support in writing, math, and science. Then, relax with a bit of fun and food. We’ll even have a raffle and other exciting prizes!

LNAP Flyer Fall 2015 PRESS


Cuba Event 2

What is it like for Americans to travel to Cuba? Come to this free presentation and learn all about it from world traveler Michael Goldman.

Thursday, February 18
5:30-6:30 PM
Meese Room

Goldman has traveled to twenty-two countries on four continents. He will share the ins and outs of the Cuban way of life while displaying dozens of photos taken during his journeys there. He will reveal how to connect with locals in Cuba, join in their culture, and have fun.

“Visiting Cuba was a joyful experience…the CubanCuba Event people love Americans, they love to have fun and they love to share their music, art and passion. Although they do not have much in the way of money, technology or materials, what they lack in these things they more than make up with family, friends and old-fashioned simple pleasures. They drink rum, smoke cigars, play music, dance and have a passion that makes you wonder who has the better life, the rich American with his money, career, and smart phone, or they, who live with their children, parents and grandparents together in households filled with love and devotion.” 

Michael Goldman

This event is free and open to the public, sponsored by the Friends of Hannon Library as part of their 2015-16 Speaker Series. Free parking will be available in the lot behind the library. For more information, contact Hannon Library Administration at or 541-552-6816.