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Tutoring sessions are currently all hosted on Zoom. The first time you meet with a tutor from the Hannon Library Tutoring Center, the tutor will begin the session by gathering some information about your project or assignment and where you are in the process of completing that assignment. If you have already shared any documents or drafts of your paper, the tutor will likely go through those with you as well. After they have a clear understanding of the assignment and how they can best help you during the session, the tutor will provide the requested support.

In addition to content, tutors can help with organization, share time-management techniques and even provide tips on note-taking. Tutors will not ever complete work for you, but they are there to support you as you complete your work, answering your questions and providing the guidance you need to be successful. Toward the end of the session, the tutor will help you make a plan for any next steps or additional work needing to be done and assist with making followup appointments, if necessary. Tutoring appointments are typically all scheduled on an individual basis; however, the drop-in tutoring sessions may be more of a group environment.

To book an appointment with a tutor or view times for drop-in tutoring sessions, visit our Tutoring LibGuide.

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Hannon Library has a new costume on display, on loan from the Southern Oregon University theatre program.
Under the direction of Professor Laurie Kurutz, Jessie Jaeckel designed this costume for their BFA Thesis in Costume Technology. To view the costume, visit the second floor of the library.

For disability accommodations, please contact Disability Resources at 541-552-6213 or

On September 17, 1787, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Alexander Hamilton, along with 36 other men signed the United States Constitution. Hannon Library celebrates this historic event with a Constitution Day Display. Free Constitution booklets are available to pick up!

To view the display, visit the first floor of the library at the Government Documents office.


For disability accommodations, please contact Disability Resources at 541-552-6213 or

While you can no longer receive in-person tutoring in Hannon Library, students can now get free math, science, and writing tutoring from the comfort of their homes. Hannon Library’s fantastic tutors are taking virtual appointments, and you can schedule one today. The same tutoring services that were available in-person last term are now available to you online. 

One-on-One and Group Zoom Sessions

Writing tutoring sessions are still one-on-one, and tutoring sessions for math will function in small groups with up to three students. To schedule a tutoring appointment and learn more about tutoring services, visit our Tutoring Services LibGuide. This spring, tutoring sessions will be conducted primarily over Zoom. Our tutors may share a special whiteboard screen with you during your session to do demonstrations and solve problems. 

Schedule a Tutoring Session

Our tutors will work with your schedule, so open up TutorTrac, search for availability, and select a time that works for you to book an appointment. Check out this video to learn how to schedule an appointment in TutorTrack. Do you need some help on short notice? You can book a tutoring session up to 15 minutes before an appointment is set to start. Book up to 5 appointments within a two-week period, with appointments 30 or 60 minutes in duration. 

We ask that you consider your availability carefully before booking online appointments. If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so at least 12 hours in advance. Cancelations made less than 12 hours in advance will be marked as a missed appointment. After an individual has missed three appointments within a single term, they will be blocked from booking online appointments until they speak with the Coordinator of Library Student Support Services.