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Free Video Streaming

Get ready to take your research to the next level. Hannon Library now offers free video streaming by Academic Video Online.

View documentaries, interviews, newsreels, and much more. Academic Video Online provides over 66,000 titles from a wide range of subject areas including

  • Anthropology
  • Business
  • Counseling and therapy
  • Education
  • Environmental studies
  • Global Issues
  • History
  • LGBT studies
  • Media studies
  • News and current events
  • Nursing
  • Performing arts
  • Science

Browse and search subjects to find the exact content you need. With students and instructors in mind, Academic Video Online curates high quality productions from publishers like BBC and Bloomberg Media Group.

Easy to Use

Navigate videos quickly and easily thanks to a visual table of contents for each film. Create bookmarks for when you need to come back to a particular scene. Or use searchable transcripts to jump straight to specific quotes and timestamps.

The multi-language interface uses a Google Translate widget to provide page translations in dozens of languages, including video transcripts, abstracts, and search results.

More than Movie Watching

Don’t just stream—tailor your viewing experience to match your education needs, whether you’re a student needing an edge on your next big project or an instructor looking to incorporate new material into your classes. Create playlists and video clips, even share them on Facebook, Twitter, and many other sites. Embed videos into your presentations or Moodle courses, with complete publication information for easy citations.

Academic Video Online is only one of the great new e-resources Hannon Library is providing this year. Subscribe to this blog and make sure you get the latest news and updates.