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Need an academic pick-me-up? The Learning Commons at Hannon Library has what you’re looking for, with the Long Night Against Procrastination:

Wednesday, November 2
8 PM to Midnight
Throughout the 1st Floor

Students can get late-night research help, citation assistance, and tutoring support in writing, math, and science. When you’re ready for a break, relax with a bit of fun and prize-earning activities. And let’s not forget the free food and neverending supply of hot coffee and tea.



We’re pleased to offer a new service at Hannon Library – complimentary charging stations for your phones and devices. The stations are simple and easy to use, and you don’t need to have your own cable or connector. Just walk up and plug your device in using one of the available connectors:

Apple Lightning (iPhones, iPads and iPods)
Apple 30-Pin (older generation iOS devices)
USB-C (newer Android devices)
Micro USB (older generation Android devices)

IMG_7546.JPGThe first charging station has been installed in the library’s Learning Commons, in front of the Reference Desk. Two more stations will be installed in additional locations over the summer.

So enjoy a free power pick-me-up, but please remember to never leave your devices unattended while charging.