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Come into the library this term, and you’ll notice something different: signs throughout the building indicating Quiet or Community Areas.

What’s that all about, you ask?

Last year we conducted a library user survey, asking SOU students for feedback about their experiences with Hannon’s materials, services, and resources. One of the responses that stood out the most was the need for different types of work atmospheres. Some students need a quiet place to study with limited disturbances. Meanwhile, other students come to the library seeking a place to discuss projects and work collaboratively in groups.

In order to provide the best possible experience for our different users, Hannon Library is implementing Quiet and Community Areas. Whether you want to enjoy the silence or have to discuss that upcoming class project, you can now find the space you need.

Quiet Areas

Looking for somewhere quiet? Head to the second floor of the building, where all common areas are now designated for quiet individual work. Conversations should be kept to whisper-levels, and all devices should be silent and/or used with headphones. Patrons intending to work quietly in groups are encouraged to use study rooms on the second floor, with doors kept closed to minimize disturbances to surrounding areas.

Community Areas

The first and third floors of the building are Community Areas where patrons are welcome to converse and work independently or in groups, as needed. We ask that phones and devices are still kept on silent and/or used with headphones in Community Areas.

Can’t remember which floor is which? Just look for the signs to point you in the right direction.

Questions about Quiet and Community Area guidelines can be directed to Library Administration at adminstu@sou.edu or 541-552-6816.