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collage of four different student employees at Hannon Library

Looking for a job? There are many reasons to come work at the library, such as practical work experience, resume building, diverse job offerings, flexible scheduling, and even the occasional free pizza. Be sure to find us at the On Campus Job and Internship Fair during Southern Oregon University’s Week of Welcome:

Tuesday, September 26
11 am-1 pm
SU Courtyard

Hannon Library will be there distributing and accepting employment applications from interested students. All library departments are accepting applications, for both work study and non-work study positions.

For more information about working for Hannon Library, contact Library Administration at adminstu@sou.edu.

This Saturday, we at Hannon Library gave hugs and tearful goodbyes to our student employees who graduated this year.


Alex Mesadieu, the man behind the blog

Hannon Library employs about 50 student workers who do everything from solving computer issues to hunting down mis-shelved books. With 14 different departments within the library, their work is essential to keeping the library functioning, and we’ll dearly miss the ones who are now off to bigger and better things.

We here at Hannon would like to say thanks and congratulations to our 31 employees who have graduated this year, including:

Amy Accongio, Amris Allemand, Reid Barbier, Sage Behan, Donica Burdette, Thomas Burns, Devyn McConnachie, Michal Dahl, Sam Edgerton, Dara Gomez, Mariah Gonzales, Tori Herstedt, Kyle Hultquist, Dylan Keenan, Kelsie Lawson, Amy Layton, Tamara Lee, Gabe Lenetsky, Brandon Lieske, Linnea Lopez, Alexander Mesadieu, McKenzie Oaks, Jacki Parsley, Morgan Pfeifer, Jacob Schultz, Jane Silva, Lora Stamper, Ali Tolomei, Hannah Theophil, and Dani Workman.

By Alex Mesadieu

By Alex Mesadieu

comm202Last week, Hannon Library had the bittersweet task of saying goodbye to ten of our student employees—Steven Beatty, Emily Borman, Hannah Gogulski, Mariah Gonzales, Kelsie Lawson, Edward Pay, Haley Petty, Cristian Ramirez, Elizabeth Williams, and Kaiwen Zhang, who have all graduated from SOU.

Student workers play a major role in how the library operates. WithHappy Grad over 16 departments and just 28 non-student employees, student workers are essential to making the library run seven days a week. In exchange for their dedicated service, Hannon Library gives university students unique opportunities for developing skills outside of the classroom experience. Library student workers receive practical training in office management, computing, event planning, customer service, tutoring, and many more skills that are essential for graduates entering the work force.

The staff at Hannon Library wish nothing but success for all of our graduating students. Congratulations class of 2015!