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If you hear the roar of wheels being shoved across pavement tomorrow, don’t be alarmed. June 21 is Go Skate Day, a holiday where the only rule is to go out and skateboard.

“read the latest issue of Thrasher and Skateboarder Magazine through our online access portal”

The holiday started 12 years ago as a global celebration of skateboarding. Here on the west coast, the observance means a lot to some folks. The west coast is widely known as the Capital of Skateboarding, and Oregon certainly plays a hand in that. The enthusiasm Oregonians have for Skateboarding can be seen in towns like Eugene, which has 5 different skate parks despite only having a population of 159,190 people. Here in Jackson County, we have skate parks in almost every city, even in tiny towns like Talent and Gold Hill. Although many cities ban skateboarding in downtown districts, Portland, Oregon’s largest city, not only permits skateboarding but even marks special “skate routes” throughout the city.

While skateboarding is popular here in Oregon, not everyone on the staff at Hannon Library has the ability to spend the day kickflipping the Hannon Library 10 stair or mctwisting the Ashland Skate Park bowl. Despite this, we offer a cool space that skateboarders can use to relax and take a break.

So if you’re out skating tomorrow, come chill out here with us in between skate spots. At Hannon Library you can read the latest issue of Thrasher and Skateboarder Magazine through our online access portal, check out some of our incredible books on skateboarding like Slam (editor’s choice), or Skateboarding, Space and the City, or just take drink out of our water fountains and surf the web. We here at Hannon Library want to wish you a happy Go Skate Day.

By Alex Mesadieu