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by Alex Mesadieu

In many cities the first Friday of the month is no different than the second, third, or fourth; this is not the case for Ashland, Oregon. Here, the first Friday of the month is cause for a citywide celebration of the arts. First Friday Art Walks have become a tradition in Ashland, with galleries, schools, and businesses opening their doors to art-goers of all sorts.

Hannon Library first started hosting Art Walks to showcase artwork and performances created by SOU students. Since May is the month of the Southern Oregon Arts & Research conference — and Hannon Library plays a key role in organizing SOAR — Hannon Library is going big this weekend.

On May 1st, from 6-8 PM, the library will host a First Friday ArtWalk featuring exhibitions from the 2015 SOAR conference. Exhibitions include works from locally renowned artist Amanda Denbeck and McNair Scholar Angela West, a performance from harp player Ella Kunkel, and more:

10 Years, 9 Months, 3 Weeks, and 5 DaysDenbeckImage
Multi-media by Amanda Denbeck
An introduction to the topic of modern day atrocities in an educational environment. It is not only a critical analysis of commercialism of diamonds but it is also a discussion about genocide, specifically in relation to the Sierra Leone Civil War.

Grey Area
Installation by Andres Rivero
A combination of different ‘methods’ that essentially recreates the art done by portrait artists. A computer system will automatically record a person’s portrait, retaining their features, creating a portrait image which is then done in marker watercolor on paper by a different robotic display.

Talcum PowderJim Rock Historic Can Collection
Photography by Hannon Library Digital Projects
Images of historic cans assembled by Jim Rock over his career as an archaeologist with the U.S. Forest Service. He compiled information and provided typologies and dating techniques that have enabled archaeologists and historians to better interpret historical archaeological sites.

Sculpture by Joy Sters
An exhibition focused on the PURE ENERGY that was infused through the plaster during its creation. The PURE ENERGY was harnessed from the bottom of the sculpture and directed into the plaster and twisted up to the top into a point where it exits. PURE ENERGY is the art and technique of arranging energy and vibration in such a way that if one were to place their hand or body part or anything above it, it will be infused with the PURE ENERGY that has been directed to that area.

Danger Games
Video games by Tyler Jasper
A collection of four video games programmed and produced by the artist during his time at SOU.

So whether you want to sit in the infamous mosaic rotunda and listen to soothing harp music, look at tin displays of history, or be informed of the struggles of the people of Sierra Leon through a young artist and historian’s work… Hannon Library has you covered.


SOAR First Friday Flyer