Hannon Library’s DVD collection reaches 5,000 items.


Gifts from Dale Luciano (SOU Emeritus, Theater) account for over half of Hannon Library’s extensive film collection. For many years, at regular intervals, Dale has delivered batches of 100 DVDs for donation. Every year, he also he purchases Academy Award-winning films that Hannon Library requests. Our collection of feature films contains great depth and breadth in genre and time period, from film classics to horror, westerns, independent media, and more.

Check out our DVD collection, located on the 2nd floor. You can also search for DVDs on the library’s online catalog.

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As Southern Oregon’s football team battles out the remainder of the season, Raider fans will appreciate the display at the Special Collections Reading Room, located on the second floor of the library, reminding everyone of SOU’s football history.


Reminiscences of Southern Oregon College in the 1990s can be found documented and mounted, presenting memorable games and players from the past.

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Hannon Library honors Native American Heritage Month with several displays exploring the histories and traditions of Native American cultures.

A display of literature about Native American heritage and narratives can be found on the first floor of the Multicultural Display section of Hannon Library. A trail of corn kernels weaves its way around literature about Native American narratives, providing personal accounts of stories and events. The display encourages education about the perspectives and stories of Native Americans through an inviting presentation.

NativeAmer2Native American art can be viewed on the second floor at the Special Collections Reading Room. Information is provided about Native American art through pictures and drawings of traditional patterns and symbolisms. The display provides a depiction of basket making, music, and other life styles to the public.

Also available to view in Special Collections is a history on Native Americans, displaying numerous books and other literature about Indian legends.NativeAmer3

By Donica Burdette

Drawing on four decades of experience in Honduras, Jim Phillips (SOU Sociology/Anthropology) explores ways in which the peoples of Honduras slowly developed a broad culture of resistance and resilience. The slow struggle against corruption, and to achieve land and environmental preservation and sustainable agriculture and technology, culminated in the 2009 coup. Both indigenous peoples and religion have played a significant role in this resistance and resilience. See more.

Thanks, Jim, for donating a copy of your book to Hannon Library, which can be found in the 1st floor New Book alcove (HN153.5.P55 2015).

Honduras in Dangerous Times: Resistance and Resilience (Roman & Littlefield, 2015)


LNAP Fall2015 EmilyWednesday night, the first floor of Hannon Library transformed into a multi-station work party machine.

Hannon Library and the Learning Commons hosted the tri-annual Long Night Against Procrastination, a Texas-sized version of a late night study session. Throughout the night, library staff worked together to keep the doors open late, help students relax, assist with research, and hand out snacks. The event gives students a night to reduce stress while simultaneously studying.

This term’s Long Night had around a dozen individual stations, which offered everything from career advice to board games. Students packed the library throughout the night, munching on goodies and getting help on their essays.

LNAP Fall 2015 DottyIt was a good night, and we at Hannon Library cannot wait to do it all again next term. Be sure to mark your calendars, and join us winter term on February 10, 2016.

by Alex Mesadieu