Want to get a jumpstart on that final assignment or project? Join us for the Winter 2016 Long Night Against Procrastination:

Wednesday, February 10
8 PM – Midnight
1st Floor of Hannon Library

Get late-night research help, citation assistance, and tutoring support in writing, math, and science. Then, relax with a bit of fun and food. We’ll even have a raffle and other exciting prizes!

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Julie Helmandollar with her favorite book, Hamlet

Julie Helmandollar has lived an incredible life. She graduated high school with an associate’s degree at age 16. She is now 22 and already has worked as an English professor, taught beginning professors how to teach, and is now the coordinator for SOU’s Tutoring Center, an integral part of the Learning Commons at Hannon Library.

Helmandollar is ready for the new job. “This is kind of my dream job and my dream location,” she explains. “I have a lot of family history and interest in Ashland and the area.” With roots in Ashland extending back to the pioneer era, the Ashland area is close to her heart. Her great-great grandmother’s family traveled the Oregon Trail and settled in Ashland. “So we have family tombstones in the graveyard, and I had a great-great uncle that taught at the university.”

As someone that is finishing up her master thesis in English literature, it’s exciting for her to be in the middle of the culture of Ashland. Helmandollar says, “I’m a big book fanatic, so my perfect day is sitting down with a big book.” She continued, “I specialized in Renaissance literature and drama, which is partially why I’m tied to Ashland.”

Her inner bookworm is thrilled to be at Hannon Library. As her mother put it, “after hours you can play with all the books in the library.”

Julie is truly a motivated, fun, and inspirational worker, and we’re just as thrilled to have her with us.

By Alex Mesadieu

LNAP Fall2015 EmilyWednesday night, the first floor of Hannon Library transformed into a multi-station work party machine.

Hannon Library and the Learning Commons hosted the tri-annual Long Night Against Procrastination, a Texas-sized version of a late night study session. Throughout the night, library staff worked together to keep the doors open late, help students relax, assist with research, and hand out snacks. The event gives students a night to reduce stress while simultaneously studying.

This term’s Long Night had around a dozen individual stations, which offered everything from career advice to board games. Students packed the library throughout the night, munching on goodies and getting help on their essays.

LNAP Fall 2015 DottyIt was a good night, and we at Hannon Library cannot wait to do it all again next term. Be sure to mark your calendars, and join us winter term on February 10, 2016.

by Alex Mesadieu 

Attention all students! Join us for the first Long Night Against Procrastination event of the year:

Wednesday, November 4
8 PM – Midnight
1st Floor of Hannon Library

Get late-night research help, citation assistance, and support in writing, math and science. Also enjoy a bit of fun and food, and even win prizes!
Brought to you by Hannon Library and the Learning Commons

LNAP Fall 2015

pubdomainwritingHave you ever written something, felt pretty confident about it, then looked it over and felt all faith in your writing abilities drain out of you? If you answered no, then you’re probably not a college student.

For those of you who are students, SOU’s tutoring staff can help you get through the sometimes impossible task of getting through your writing projects. The Writing Center is hosting the Spring Term Write In on April 22 from 7-10 PM.

Writing tutors will pack the dining area of the Stevenson Union, equipped with snacks, coffee, pens, and writing expertise.

The Write Ins serve a diverse population of students, from ESL students to English majors. So stop sacrificing all that ink and eraser shavings — the Writing Center is here to help you. 

By Alex Mesadieu